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Apa Swim Brief


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CHEST (IN)3638404244
WAIST (IN)2729313335
WAIST (IN)3739414345
WAIST (IN)2829.5313335
CHEST (IN)3335373941
WAIST (IN)2527293133
HIP (IN)3537394143
CHEST (IN)3841444750
NECKBAND (IN)15161717.518
SHOULDER (IN)1819202122
CHEST (IN)3840424446
CHEST (IN)3842444648
SHOULDER (IN)1819202122
WAIST (IN)3032343638
Estimated delivery dates: Jul 26, 2024 - Jul 29, 2024


Dive into sustainable style with our Genderless Swim Brief, where comfort meets consciousness. Crafted from luxurious deadstock knitted jersey, each pair is a unique masterpiece featuring vibrant dyed patches. Embrace the fluidity of fashion while making a positive environmental impact. Your swimwear, your statement—because style knows no boundaries.


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Delivery Information
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Fabric Care
Fabric Care
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